A Buddhist Sunday – Punakha Dzong and Lopön Tsechu Rinpoche

Punakha Dzong was built in the early 17th century, making it the one of the oldest Dzongs in Bhutan. As with any other Dzong (རྫོང་) it houses government administrative offices and a monastery. A Dzong is shaped as a fortress with a very high wall surrounding it and a tower in the middle of the courtyard….

A Buddhist Sunday – The Shamarpa

The Shamarpa (Zhwa dmar pa – The one with the red hat/crown) is the second highest lama in the Karma Kagyu (Bka’ brgyud) lineage and is generally seen as another emanation of the Karmapa. The first Shamar Rinpoche Khedrup Drakpa Senge (1283–1349) was recognised by the third Karmapa Rangjung Dorje (Rang ‘byung rdo rje). Khedrup Dragpa Senge…

A Buddhist Sunday – the Karmapa

One of the  main students of Milarepa (Mi la ras pa) was Gampopa (sGam po pa), author of the Jewel ornament of liberation and founder of Dagpo Kagyu (Dwags po bka’ brgyud). Four of Gampopa’s disciples founded four different Kagyu schools. Most famously the Karma Kagyu school was founded by Düsum Khyenpa (Dus gsum mkhyen pa)….