Of Old Photographs, Things That Pass (Van Oude Foto’s, de Dingen die Voorbij Gaan)

I’ve been taking pictures since I was old enough to hold a camera. At first under the watchful eye of a parent or other adult on special occasions, but it really took of when I was a teenager. I went through film the same way I now go through disk space.

In those days, there were several high street shops that took in the film and sent it off for processing at their developing and printing centre. As I had a family member working at one of those centres, I could bypass the high street and give them the film. As an employee they could develop film for free and usually within a day I had my 24 or 36 prints and a fresh film to load into my very basic SLR camera. It wasn’t until they retired that I switched to digital photography.

Today I had a look at some of the pictures I took a couple of decades ago. Unfortunately I don’t have all the pictures and slides with me. Most of the slides are in storage, but at least I have some film and photographs available. Here a small selection of some scans:


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