Sightseeing in Montréal – The Biosphere

Today was a nice day to go and explore a bit of the city and we decided to have a look at the Biosphere.

Originally built for the 1967 World expo designed by Buckminster Fuller, the Biosphere is an imposing construct measuring over 70 meters in diameter and more than 60 meters high.


Unfortunately it didn’t look like this for very long as a fire destroyed the transparent panels in 1976 during renovation works.

Today it houses an exhibition on the impact of human kind on climates and how people and nature cope with the changing environment. Today there was also a short presentation on extreme weather, such as floods, hurricanes, hail, frost and drought and how best to prepare for any eventuality.

The steel structure of the biosphere remains and with the clouds today made for some nice pictures.

It reminds me of a soap bubble. The thin layer of soap isolating the inside from the outside, but just like a soap bubble — as the fire of 1976 demonstrated  — very fragile. As fragile as the biosphere called Earth.


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