Going #Digital

Back in the mid-nineties I made the first step into digital photography.

The camera I bought wasn’t a real photo camera. but a Still-Video Camera. It looked more like a disk-man, was equipped with a fixed-focus lens, a small viewfinder and an LCD display counting the number of photos recorded on the proprietary floppy disk with a maximum of 50 pictures per disk.

The resolution was 320×240 pixels (760×552 pixels interpolated) and the camera used the same technology as a video recorder to save the still images. A resolution similar to DVD (4:3) but with the quality of VHS. With a set of complicated cables and a special card built into the computer the photos were transferred one picture at a time.

Not many of the pictures I took with this camera survived. The camera is probably still working, if it weren’t for the lack of battery and floppy disks.

Before the end of the nineties the camera was replaced by a real digital photo camera.


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