Nepal earthquake 

Last month we visited Kathmandu, as we have done several times before. I have the blue and yellow visa stickers in my passport to proof it.

Then Saturday the devastating news reached us. Nepal was hit by an earthquake of 7.9 on the Richter scale, damaging and destroying a lot of our favourite places, but even worse is the human toll. Over 2000 people did not survive the earthquake and over 6 million people were effected. Those lucky enough get to sleep in tents, others sleep out in the open as there homes have been destroyed or in anticipation of severe aftershocks.

Clean water is in short supply and food is also running out. On top of that heavy rain is predicted.

Nepal is a great country that at the moment needs all the support it can get. I wish the people of Nepal strength to get through this very difficult time and that all humanitary aid will be distributed with the greatest wisdom and compassion.

Svayambhū stūpa


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