2014 – Twelve months in Pictures

2014 has come and gone, and now we are at the start of 2015. It has been quite some year. We have found ourselves in different countries, cities and continents. We’ve been to Boppard (Germany), Bristol (UK) and Brighton (UK). We’ve spent time in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Montreal (Canada). We’ve seen the German Alps, the Rockies and the Himalayas. Enjoyed temperatures as high as 35 degrees and suffered temperatures as low as minus 20. There has been monsoon force rain in Kathmandu, snow up to our knees in Montréal and extreme heat in the south of Germany. It was in the heat in Germany we learned of a great loss and it was  in between rain storms in Kathmandu that we were able to celebrate a great person and turn the sadness into gratitude for having met this person and that were able to help prepare for his final wish.

Three quacks in a row...
In the middle of #Boppard

CELEBRATE! (One proud #Dalek).
And then award for biggest float of #BrightonPride 2014 goes to...

Sneaky #selfie
Up and down on Park Street...

Standing at approximately 190 meters looking down
#River #Bow at #Calgary
Looking at the #Rocky Mountains

Sun setting over Canterbury
Walking along the #Stour in the #sun.

Above the Docks...

Looking back at the stūpa...
During the break between pūjas.

It's not 1628, but this is still the #Batavia

Meadow church - Wieskirche : 18th century Bavarian church.
One last view at the #Alps

Hôtel-de-Ville #Montréal
Looking at old #Montréal

A misty morning in #NY
Still on #Amtrak towards #NYC from #Montreal.

A compulsory @Instagram from #Ottawa
Locks towards #Ottawa river

Au revoir #Quebec City


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