Autumn chill in Parc Lafontaine

It is getting colder and the mercury dipped below zero (degrees Celsius ~ 32 Fahrenheit) for the first time this weekend. Although during the day it is not freezing yet, there certainly is a chill in the air. Still, today was a wonderful sunny day and although some remnants of the night frost where visible — the ponds had a thin layer of ice on top — it was a good day to visit Parc Lafontaine.

A brief walk along Rue Cherrier from Sherbrooke metro station and there was the park. It was quiet and sunny and so the squirrels found themselves alone and took their time to check the leaves covering the grass for anything edible. The pond was in parts frozen and the ducks and seagulls were walking over the ice merrily arguing with each other, with the ducks in the minority loosing the argument.


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