Summer rain and winter depression

Summer rain feels different where ever you go.

In Thailand the rain cools down and the water alleviates the sensation of the sunburn and as long as the rain doesn’t go hand in hand with thunder, it is an excellent time to go to the beach and have a swim. The beach will be deserted and the sea feels warmer.

In Nepal the rain not only cools everything down, it also cleans the streets (and maybe floods them as well), and also cleans the air. The dust and smoke are washed away and directly after the rain even the centre of Kathmandu smells incredibly clean. It washes the buildings, the temples, and the stupas and brings out the bright colours of the buildings. Rain washes away the grey and brings back the colours.

In England, the rain causes the trees to be greener, the skies to become more interesting and cleans away the dirt from the pavement and brings a welcome cooling down, yet there is no uplifting in our feelings. If anything the weather causes depression. Rain in Europe I think, reminds us of the oncoming autumn, followed by the winter, the prospect of trees loosing their leafs, the nights getting longer and the weather getting colder. In England rain will remove the colours and bring the grey. Rain in summer brings out glimpses of the general European illness called winter depression.



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