#Buddhism in #Nepal

As everyone knows, Buddha was born near Lumbini and grew up in Kapilavastu (कपिलवस्तु) currently in Nepal, close to the Indian border.

Buddhism spread through most of Asia and eventually even to the west. When speaking to traditional teachers (Sanskrit – Guru गुरु , Lama བླ་མ་) often one hears:”Lord Buddha was a prince from India”. Most, if not all research contradicts this, with the city of Tilaurakot to be believed to be the ancient Shakyan city of Kapilavastu.

For me personally it is completely unimportant if Buddha was originally from Nepal or from India. More important are his teachings!

Although the Buddha’s teachings spread the globe it is in Nepal you can see it in its greatest variety: Tibetan Buddhism, Japanese Pagodas, Stūpas that may or may not have self arisen (svayambhu), and of course Nepal’s own Newari Buddhist temples such as Chusya Bahal and Itum Bahal. If you want to see Buddhism in all its riches, shapes and forms then go and visit the wonderful country that is Nepal.


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