Random Photo Wednesday | On a bridge over the Stour — Canterbury

The photo above was taken with the iPhone 11 with an anamorphic lens from Moment. The traditional 4:3 ratio is stretched to 16:9. The Filmic Pro Firstlight app automatically de-squeezes the image. When filming the 16:9 ratio is further stretched to 2.36:1 similar to movies in the cinema.

Four Times Pride in 2019

Canterbury Pride Pride in London Brighton & Hove Pride Margate Pride (Photos can be found on the following links: Brighton, Canterbury, London and Margate)

Photo- and Videography and Storage

After a typical trip abroad I come home with about a thousand pictures. After culling the really bad ones (bad composition, out of focus, doubles) quite a few need to be stored. For years now I had been using Keenai (or Eye-Fi as it used to be called), an online photo and video backup solution….

Random Photo Wednesday – Brighton from Above (On the BA i360)

The 162 meter (531 feet) tall British Airways i360 was opened in August 2016. The glass passenger pod rises up slowly to a height of 138 meters (453 feet) and gives an impressive view of Brighton and its surrounding area. The whole experience lasts roughly 30 minutes if you don’t count the queueing. Below is…

Going Digital: Double the Megapixels

With Nikon just having introduced two new cameras to their lineup it is a good moment to describe my experience with the immediate predecessor of the D500. In 2009 my Nikon D70 began to behave oddly. Most pictures were overexposed and the camera would lock-up. Luckily it was a known issue and Nikon repaired the…

Time for a video

Three weeks in Montréal and finally found time to edit some videos. Some of the sights in the video include Place des Arts, the Notre Dame, Bonsecours Market in Old Montréal and the Hôtel-de-Ville.


Quokkas, seagulls and a crow, filmed with a Nikon d300s in Rottnest and Perth.