Four Times Pride in 2019

Canterbury Pride Pride in London Brighton & Hove Pride Margate Pride (Photos can be found on the following links: Brighton, Canterbury, London and Margate)

Pride in London 2018 Video

Here a short impression of the parade as part of Pride in London 2018. Photos can be seen on my Flickr page.

Brighton Pride 2014

It is the first weekend of August and for some cities around the globe it means it is time for the annual Pride weekend. Most famously these include Amsterdam and Brighton. It was a chilly and cloudy start at 11 o’clock at Brighton’s Madeira Drive where the participants of the 2014 Pride parade came together….

Flags for LGBT History Month

This year sees the 9th LGBT History Month in the UK which first took place in February 2005. So here are some rainbows. Pictures were taken in Brighton, Berlin, London and Oxford.